Options to get paid as an expat

Living a life as an expat can be a challenging task. Living away from familiar soil and into foreign land, the prospect of finding job opportunities seems daunting and yet exciting. Are you looking for ways to make money while living overseas? Then keep reading, because here is a list of options you can consider when looking for a job. 

Sell Handicrafts on the Internet

You can sell handcrafted items and trinkets online. Look out for things you can make use of in your area. With a little bit of research, you might be able to find wholesalers who can sell you crafting material. You can then start creating trinkets and the like, and sell them to other countries for affordable prices. Websites such as Etsy and Amazon are great places to start selling your wares. And when you plan to expand on this venture, you could also create your own website in the future. If you sell products online, an online payment service provider might be the most common way for you to get paid by customers. Services such as PayPal and Paxum are great for that, so avail for their services when you can.

Work from Home

Due to current circumstances all around the world, people now find themselves having to work remotely from home. Employees nowadays are no longer bound to go to the office for work. If you want to keep your job but plan to move overseas, then perhaps ask the company if you can work remotely. 

If they say no, then there are a multitude of job possibilities available to you at the tip of your fingers. All you need is a computer and a good WiFi connection to start the ball rolling. There are tons of freelance jobs posted daily on job forums and other social media sites, so search for one that best fits your skills and capabilities.

Black mom with child using online payments.

English Tutor

You can choose to teach either children or adults who wish to improve their English communication skills. If you want to get qualified, some places ask for a bachelor’s degree first. You can also teach online TEFL and TESOL courses to foreign students. If you want to pursue a teaching job, make sure you have a good internet connection, as well as a decent microphone and video camera. Countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan have a lot of people who wish to improve their English. 

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an assistant who works remotely from home. They can do tasks similar to that of an executive assistant, such as scheduling appointments, arranging travel plans, making phone calls, and managing emails. This job is great for those who are a stickler for organization and planning whilst wanting flexibility in their daily schedule. You can choose whether to work independently, or to work at a business that is open at your available hours.

In Conclusion

The secret to finding a job as an expat is adaptability. You need to be able to adjust to foreign soil, its culture, and its people. You might not land a full time gig at first or if at all, but that’s okay. Take advantage of the experiences you will get from your other gigs, and apply them to your new life living overseas.