Message from the President

Dear Friends,
I first experienced significant vision loss in my mid thirties. I soon felt isolated because no one I knew was blind or could truly understand my frustration and fears. After going it alone as a blind person for a number of years, I found the Omaha Association of the blind, (OAB,) and it improved my life.

OAB hosts monthly meetings for blind people to meat with others that do understand. Together, they learn how the blind can still do things. Blind people gain information about services, alternative skills and technology that can help them. They enjoy interesting and entertaining programs together. At OAB, the blind encourage and care for each other.

In Omaha, public transportation is a challenge because it is limited, or difficult to, navigate alone. That is why OAB pays for taxicab rides to the meetings. It may be the first experience for some to ride in a cab or attend an activity alone. The OAB members and visitors get to know others in their area and ride to and from the meetings together.

It costs to provide taxicab transportation to the OAB meetings. It costs to serve catered dinners occasionally to enhance the fellowship time together. It costs to pay honorarium fees for some of the program entertainment professionals.

OAB receives no government support. We rely on the financial generosity of friends, like you. Your tax-deductible donation will continue offering the monthly meetings that brings blind people together.

All contributions are welcome and appreciated so much. Your generosity will make it possible to offer hope to those blind people that may feel isolated, frustrated, or fearful.

If you are so inclined, please send us a contribution.