Contact the Omaha Association of the Blind TODAY!

Contact the Omaha Association of the Blind Today!

  • Are you curious about how and what blind people use in their daily lives to make their lives easier and safer?
  • Do you have questions about blindness or low vision, of which you can’t find an answer?
  • Are you looking for a community of “like minded individuals” that have adapted to blindness, and could give you hope and help adapting?
  • Do you belong to a Church or Community group that would be interested in hearing from a Public Speaker – someone who lives with Blindness, or who is Visually Impaired about the challenges living with low vision or totally blind?
  • Are you part of a Service Organization, or learning institution that needs information on how to work with blind folks?
  • We have people who have answers to your questions. Given our years of collective expertise, if we don’t have an answer, we’ll send you off in the right direction to someone or somewhere who could possibly help. We have decades of adapting our environments, our workplaces, and throughout our communities, and know the most helpful resources out there!

    We night not have every answer, but we are sure we have done most of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to living in Omaha with limited vision. If you are looking for something particular, we might be able to make your search easier!

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