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Honoring our OWN talent-rich membership

Barbara Epworth November Member of the Month 2015

Barb Epworth is the November 2015 OAB Member of the Month. She has been a member of the Omaha Association of the Blind for 52 years, and is our longest standing member. She has given of her time and talents over the years by serving for several years on the OAB board, and for a time served as President. Barb answers the OAB phone, and helps with calling the OAB members when a dinner or other event is being planned. She also announces and welcomes all new members and guests. Barb cares greatly about the OAB members, and is dedicated to the continuing work of the Non-Profit. Make sure you say hello to Barb at the next meeting!

James Harvey Member of the Month October 2015

James Harvey is the October 2015 OAB Member of the Month. James, also known as Jim, is a very dedicated member of OAB. He is in the front row at every meeting and is always happily singing and clapping along with musical guests and kindly compliments them on their instruments and song choices. Jim loves playing instruments and entertains OAB members playing his violin and ukulele.

“I just like to make people happy with music,” Harvey says.

Jim has been working hard to organize an upcoming bowling event, “This is How We Roll Holiday Bowl”. Jim has been fundraising, ordering t-shirts, making phone calls and handing out flyers to make this event a success. He hopes to put on more events in the future.

On top of it all, Jim works full time at Outlook Nebraska, Inc. Thanks to you Jim Harvey for all you do to bring a smile to OAB members!

Melissa Saltzman – September Member of the Month 2015

Melissa Salzman is the September 2015 OAB Member of the Month. Melissa is originally from Milford, Nebraska, and studied at Rosedale Bible College, in Irwin, Ohio. Melissa now lives in Omaha and is employed with Outlook Nebraska, Inc.

Melissa is outgoing, motivated and organized. Everyone who meets her likes her. She is the OAB’s Recreation Events Coordinator. Melissa recently was the lead organizer of the OAB’s 3rd Annual tandem bike ride. Melissa was monumental in raising money for this event as well as many others. As always anything Melissa puts her mind to, turns out to be a great success, and this was true at the recent bicycling event. Thanks Melissa, for all the hard work you do for the OAB and its members!

Mary Sheldon – July Member of the Month 2015

Mary Sheldon is the July 2015 OAB Member of the Month. Mary always enjoys coming to the monthly meetings and brings her enthusiasm and optimistic attitude to each OAB meeting. Like so many other people with vision loss, Mary lives with other major health related issues. Even with the many challenges she encounters, She is always positive, courageous, and a source of inspiration to others. Mary is active in her church and strong in her faith. She frequently volunteers for opportunities to serve others, especially with children. Say hello to Mary at the next meeting and you are guaranteed a smile!